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Selling with Harcourts Buderim

Selling With Harcourts Buderim

Drawing on our combined 120 years experience of selling real estate, sharing our knowledge on how to achieve the optimal result is how we best add value to our clients.   


Before, during and after a real estate transaction, there are many moving parts that your agent needs to anticipate, plan for and execute to the highest of standards to ensure your needs are met and result maximised.  


Key areas we guide you on are:


Sale Preparation

How do you best prepare your home for market? How do you ensure you're you're creating the best first impression?  Not only can we guide you on property presentation, but at this early stage it's important to analyse who your target market will be and what strategies should be implemented to best appeal to them.


Improvements That Count

Renovating for profit can be a risky exercise.  Unfortunately people can often over-capitalise without much chance of recovering their investment.  We can guide you on the outcomes you would be likely to achieve with and without your improvements to ensure the sale of your property is as profitable as possible.


Remove the Element of Surprise

The last thing you need during the sale of your property is the discovery of a maintenance issue or defect with your property.  This can turn buyers away and could result in a contract being terminated under the building and pest clause.   It's important to cast a critical eye across your property and try to see you home through the eyes of a buyer.  Along with the advice of a qualified building and pest inspector, you may identify important areas of maintenance that would be best tended to prior to introducing buyers.


Getting the Price Right

Striking the balance between maximising the outcome and pricing the property competitively is extremely important to get right.  By utilising a combination of comparable sales data and our local knowledge, we can provide a detailed report which will outline our expected selling range along with evidence to justify our advice.


Choosing the Right Method of Sale

At Harcourts Buderim, we don't have a 'one size fits all' approach to selling property. Based on how we believe your property would be best represented in the marketplace, we will advise whether you would be better to go to market with an advertised price or through an auction campaign.  The factors we assess to determine if your property would be suitable for auction are:


  • How strong the demand from the marketplace will be.
  •  How broad the appeal will be across different types of buyers.
  • How broad the interpretation of value may be from the marketplace

This method of sale can be much more beneficial for some properties as it allows the maximum price to be achieved through competitive bidding.  The power remains in your hands by setting the 'reserve price' which would be set at the price you weren't prepared to go below.



Negotiating for You

As your representative, it's crucial that we act as an advocate for you and your property in the marketplace.  The best way we can do this is by being an expert on the product.  Having intimate knowledge on your property and the local area enables us to form a positive, professional relationship with your purchaser. Along with providing them with an excellent customer service experience, we position ourselves to move forward with confidence and can work more cooperatively towards a satisfactory outcome for you.  


Your House is a Home and it has a Story

More than just a list of features, there less tangible qualities about your home that make it a joy to live in.  We need to know what these thing are!  Not only do they form an important part of our marketing materiel, we need to communicate these to your buyer to put them 'in the picture' of what it's like to enjoy owning your home.


Maximising Your Reach

At the time of considering offers on your property, we need to have confidence we've extracted the highest dollar the market is prepared to pay. Along with various strategies at our employ, we can devise a marketing strategy to ensure we have maximum reach into the marketplace.  Every marketing strategy is personally tailored and takes into account what would be the best approach for your individual property. 




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