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Landlord Checklist

Landlord Checklist

To ensure the safety of your tenants and your liability as a landlord:

  • Does all glass, including shower screens, comply with current legislation?
  • Are your balcony and stair railings compliant with current legislation?
  • Have you checked all your electrical appliances are in safe working condition?
  • Are all power sockets and light  switches in safe working condition?
  • Are all lights working and damaged light globes replaced?
  • Is the property secure with all locks in working condition?
  • Do you have adequate Building and Public Liability Insurance?
  • Do you have Landlord Protection insurance?
  • Do you have a security system and if so, is it in good working condition?
  • Is all the plumbing in working  condition? Small leaks can cause big problems.
  • Have you ensured all garden paths and driveways are evenly laid with no pavers or cracked concrete causing possible danger to occupants and guests on the property?
  • Are the gutters clear of any debris to avoid flooding problems?
  • Are there any tree roots that may  cause damage to the property or be a tripping hazard?
  • Do you need to organise a gardener prior to your departure or during the time the property is tenanted?
  • Are the pool chemical levels correct, all equipment is in working order and have your arranged for the pool to be regularly checked and  maintained or has the tenant been given the appropriate instructions?
  • Does the safety fence around  the swimming pool comply with legislation and is there a self closing gate installed and in working order?
  • Have you ensured there are keys to all windows, doors, garages, sheds etc and has a full set been provided to your agent?\
  • Are all remotes in good working  order with new batteries installed?
  • Have you a current gas compliance certificate for gas appliance?

And please remember to...

  • Redirect your mail.
  • Organise for the power supply to stay on until a tenant moves into the property (especially if you have  a security system).
  • If you have a pool, organise for  maintenance to be carried out while the property is being marketed.
  • Make sure your building insurance remains up-to-date. Advise your insurer that your property is now being rented.
  • Contact your security monitoring  agency to advise of change of details.
  • Ensure the carpets are professionally steam cleaned,  the property is professionally cleaned and windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Don’t forget the exterior; does that need washing also?
  • Disconnect your land line.
  • Notify your Bodycorp that the property is now rented.
  • Arrange for your water accounts to be sent to your managing agent.

And then relax in the knowledge that your property is in the hands of a specialist.

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